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Medical Equipment


 We supply home Medical Equipment in vijayawada along with medical care services right at your doorstep. Eminence Home Health Care Services  team understands your medical condition, builds a personalized care plan and delivers reliable and best-in-class Medical Equipment. Our delivery personnel are supported by biomedical engineers for expert installation and demo services.

Eminence is the Vijayawada’s most dynamic and fastest-growing specialist medical equipment auction house. With specialised healthcare auctions and a comprehensive direct treaty sale programme, Eminence home care services is at the forefront of the India’s healthcare medical equipment marketing industry.

Eminence is proud to be fully dedicated to provide medical equipment for each and every home. Being a large hospital with an equally large asset base, it is important for us to have efficient methods in place of our equipment management. We deal with surplus, obsolete, end-of-line medical equipment.

We have an extensive customer base of over 10,000 registered international buyers. In addition to these sales routes, clients frequently approach us with requests for specific equipment which we endeavour to satisfy. For cataloguing, all equipment is power-on tested and inspected, photographed and described for inclusion in the catalogue. The auction catalogues are hosted on our website, so they are searchable and available online for contacting us for the further sale information. We can liaise with clients for an appraisal of equipment on-site and preparation of a full inventory prior to arranging a collection.

We deal with surplus, obsolete, end-of-line medical equipment including –Single functional beds• Multi functional beds• Air beds• ICU beds •Patient beds •Oxygen concentrators • BIPAP • and much more…

Our Products for Sale:                     

  1. Oxygen Concentrators
  2. Hospital Beds
  3. Multi-Functional Beds
  4. Patient Beds
  7. Wheel Chairs
  8. Air Mattresses
  9. Nebulizers
  10. Suction Operators