Air Beds

Air Beds

Bed Sores May Occur If A Patient Is Lying On The Bed For A Long Period Of Time, Maybe He
Is Hospitalized, Ill Or Disabled To Walk. The Reason Behind The Bed Sores Is The Continuous
Pressure Which Is Applied on Particular Body Parts Along With Other Factors Such As
Humidity. Eminence provides Airbeds – dependent on patient.

We can help you decide the best product and range of administration for your requirements. The Device Is Specially
Designed to Refrain Patient’s Muscle from Long-term Fixed Pressure at Same Position for
Preventing Bed Sores. Merged option pressure relief system. Kink free tubes are there with
quick connectors. Transport mode during a move is present.

Vapor penetrable, water safe cover independent cell removal with buckle fastened to bed for more stability Anti-bedsore, agreeable, durable, and convenient to utilize.

We Offer Specially Designed Airbed Which Provides Solution to Cure or Prevent Bed Sores.
Alternating pressure relief bubble pad system with pump (A unique bed sores therapy
system) the bubble pad style offers patients more benefit than linear style pad because the
bubble design allows more touch points offering a superior therapy system.

Therapy for stage I pressure Very easy to operate Adjustable comfort range with pressure adjustable control knob Adjustable hangers of pump to suit any kind of bed frames Medical grade nontoxic bubble pad mattress with unique design Ultra-quiet air pump operation/maintenance

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